American Continental Championship 2019

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Sao Paulo, Brazil,  July 5th to 13th

I.- ORGANIZER:   The American Continental Championship is an official event of the Confederation of Chess for the Americas organized by the Brazilian Chess Federation jointly with Xadrez Total (IA Mauro Amaral)Xadrez do Brasil (IO FI Marcelo Pomar) and Zugzwang (IO IA FI CM Kaiser Mafra) and the CBX (Brazilian Chess Federation).

Chief Arbiter: IA Pablyto Robert

VENUE:   The tournament will be held at Dan Inn Hotel

The following players will have the right to participate in the Continental Championship as official players with room and full board expenses covered by the host (from Friday July 5th until Saturday July 13th)

  1. a) The last Panamerican Junior Champion
    b) One player appointed by the Continental President
    c) Three players from Zone 2.1
    d) One player from Zone 2.2
    e) Two players from each zone of the Zones: 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5

Accommodation will be in double room basis and the nominees must be defined and the organizer notified by the president of each zone no later than June, 5th (included).

EXTRA PLAYERS:   The American Continental Chess Championship is open to all players representing Chess Federations which comprise the Confederation of Chess for America (FIDE zones 2.1 to 2.5) regardless of their title or rating. There is also no limit in the number of participants per federation; however applications have to be sent by the national federations only, unless CCA President decides otherwise.

III.- REGISTRATION:   Registrations must be made by each player´s National Federation by sending an e-mail to the organizer [email protected]. The registration deadline is July 5th (included).  National Federations must send the information of their official and extra participants: name, passport number, FIDE identification number, e-mail and phone number.


Additional official players, trainers and companions will have preferred rates at the official hotel. The official hotel is Dan Inn Hotel

Prices to American Continental Championship 2019

Single room = R$ 176,00 (day)
Doble room = R$ 261,00 (day)   
 Tripleroom = R$ 330,00 (day)   


Date Schedule
Friday, July 5 Reception 12pm
Friday, July 5 Opening 7:30pm
Friday, July 5 R1 8pm
Saturday, July 6 R2 4pm
Sunday, July 7 R3 2pm
Sunday, July 7 R4 8pm
Monday, July 8 R5 8pm
Tuesday, July 9 (*) R6 2pm
Tuesday, July 9 (*) R7 8pm
Wednesday, July 10 R8 8pm
Thursday, July 11 R9 8pm
Friday, July 12 R10 8pm
Saturday, July 13 R11 10am

Default time is 1 hour from the scheduled round time.

The organization reserves the right to modify this schedule previous communication to the participants.


Prizes will be paid in US Dollars. In case of a tie on same points, the sum of prizes involved will be shared equally, cutting the list at 20th place after tie-break systems. 

Standings  Prizes (USD) 
USD 5.000
USD 3.400
USD 2.400
USD 1.700
USD 1.200
USD 900
USD 800
USD 700
USD 600
10º USD 550
11º USD 450
12º USD 400
13º USD 350
14º USD 300
15º USD 250
16º USD 200
17º USD 200
18º USD 200
19º USD 200
20º USD 200

VII.- SYSTEM, RATE OF PLAY, TIE-BREAK SYSTEM:The championship will be organized in 11-round Swiss System.  The rate of play will be 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. Default time is 1 hour from the scheduled round time.

FIDE´s Laws of Chess will apply.

Designation of the winner: the final rank of the players is determined by the number of points scored. If at the end of the tournament two or more players are tied, the tie shall be broken according to the following tie-break systems:

Following the recommendation of GSC, the tie-break criteria for Swiss-system events of the World Championship Cycle were approved by FIDE Presidential Board in Astana:

° Average Rating of Opponents Cut 1 (AROC 1)*
° Buchholz Cut 1**;
° Buchholz;
° Direct encounter between the players in tie;
° Drawing of lots.

* Average Rating of Opponents, excluding the lowest-rated opponent.
** Buchholz score reduced by the lowest score of the opponents.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed inside the playing hall.

Dress code: players shall not use shorts, tank tops and slippers.

The tournament will be rated by FIDE and will give titles and norms as in FIDE Handbook B.01 International Title Regulations.

Lists, parings and results


Entry Fee Deadlines and Amounts:

Until April 2nd: (70 USD)
April 3-30: 80 USD
May 1-31: 90 USD
June 1st until July 5: 100 USD

Entry Fee:
Payment by Western Union in name of MARCELO NASCIMENTO POMAR,
cpf 043.285.429-07.
The payments can only be make by Western Union. All the bank fees must be payed by the players. Send a copy (photo) of the proof of payment and of MTCN.
Full name, date of birth and country.

Aside from the Entry Fee, every player must pay the CCA (Confederation of Chess for the Americas) fee of  R$370,00 (100 USD). In order to be registered for the event, payment of both these fees is mandatory before the start of the first round. There will be a representative of FIDE America on-site accepting last-minute entries.

CCA fee:
In São Paulo until July 5 12PM


Phone and WhatsApp:

IA Mauro Amaral – São Paulo-SP, Brasil +55 11 998819630
IO IA FI CM Kaiser Mafra – Florianópolis-SC, Brasil +55 48 998356666
IO FI Marcelo Pomar – Florianópolis-SC, Brasil +55 48 984071162

E-mail: [email protected]

FIDE ID: 212725

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