Interview with Lászlo Nagy (Hungary)

Interview in Portuguese/Entrevista em Português

Name: Lászlo Nagy
Title: International Organizer

XadrezTotal: Teel me why the name “First Saturday” and since when this tourney exists.
Lászlo: The name is because the tournament starts in every first saturday of the month! the First Saturday exists since 1992.

XadrezTotal: Tell me a little bit about your carrer as organizer and how you started to organize tournaments.
Lászlo: Well , i Was born in 1957 and  until my age of 34 I was a teacher of military chemistry. When the communist system collapsed. I decided also to change my life. I founded the First Saturday Budapest chess organisation enterprise.

XadrezTotal: Can you tell us some important chess names that made norms in First Saturday?
Lászlo: Important norm makers:
Lékó, Péter – HUN
Milov, Vadim – SUI
Sutovskij Emil – ISR
Michalevski, Viktor – ISR
Beim, Valery – AUT
Prohaszka, Péter – HUN
Caruana, Fabiano – ITA

XadrezTotal: Is it today, the First Saturday, the most famous chess tornament in hungary? Do you have many concorrents?
Lászlo: We organize in the first half of the months chess tournaments, in Kecskemet IM Dr Erdelyi makes IM and ELO closed tournaments.
In Hungary there are famous other tournaments:
March Spring Festival: 18th-26th March
Zalakaros Open: 20-28th May
HARKÁNY Open: End of November

XadrezTotal: Do you have idea how many brazilians played the First Saturday until today?
Lászlo: Not exactly how many but i remember that the Vescovi boy played here.

XadrezTotal: Can you tell us the history that happened with Sofia Polgár?
Láslzo:  Yes, the Sofia Polgar also played in our tournaments, what conditions elaborated by his father, after the tournament I remained not so happy, because the girl played in good conditions and what the father promised to give me in return, was not the best fulfilled. It was april of 1993.

XadrezTotal: And how is it going the First Saturday in this year?
Lászlo: Well in February now we have 59 players out of 12 countries and 5 continents even AUS.

XadrezTotal: Have you been in Brazil? what do you think about brazilian people? Would you like to come to Brazil someday?
Lászlo: I have never been to Brasil, in Europe we have a picture about the BRA people they are very happy and always dancing! (Carneval RIO).

XadrezTotal: We know that the first saturday chess tournament always happened in the hungarian chess Federation! The tournament will still there this year?
Lászlo: I was not able to renew with them the contract this year because the conditions what they wanted was only good for them.
They did not see the interests of the First Saturday…i mean , was not only a financial question, but for the chess there was not so important.
The managers of the Medosz hotel want the tournament and the people!

XadrezTotal: Any curious fact that happened in First Saturday?
Lászlo: Nothins special ,sometimes chessplayers behave not so good, but not catacteristic.

XadrezTotal: Thank you very much Lászlo for the interview!
Lászlo: Thank you very much for the interview and I´m waiting for the BRA and the Portuguese speaking GM-IM norm seekers and the ELO rating people.

Interview by Leandro Roverso – Brazil

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    Dear Brasilian Chessfriends,

    Thanks for your publicity here, I am so happy to see so many people every month in Budapest.


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